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The Role of Women in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Written by Michel Ngoy Mulunda, EW delegate, excerpt presented on panel: “A Dialogue Among Cultures; Iraq for All,” 3 March 2008

We are grateful to the Al Hakim foundation for inviting us to this session of “A Dialogue between cultures: “Iraq for All””. The special invitation to me as one of the panelists to speak on the issue of Women in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, marks our strong solidarity with the wrestle for the respect of women’s rights in Iraqi society.

We all know well that violence doesn’t have a specific form in the Congo or in Iraq, but we do agree to call for an end to that form of inhumanity. We hope that great progress will be achieved soon in this area despite reluctance encountered here and there. And we hope that our communities will play a leading role in becoming “the light of the world and the salt of the earth”.

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