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The Lord is a God of Hope

What follows is the powerful Call to Worship that was part of Ecumenical Women’s service this morning in the Church Center for the United Nations chapel:

LEADER: Come praise the Lord with me as we lift up our voices together in prayer and advocacy coming from north, south, east and west.

PEOPLE: We will affirm our work together.

LEADER: Cry out to the Lord for the least of these. Do not become weary. Do not lose heart.

PEOPLE: We will wait on the Lord. We will share our stories. We will 

listen to the stories of others.

LEADER: The Lord requires us to love mercy, seek justice and to walk humbly with our God.

ALL:  The Lord is a God of hope. We will persevere. We will eradicate extreme poverty and hunger. We will achieve universal primary education. We will promote gender equality and empower women. We will reduce child mortality. We will improve maternal health. We will combat HIV/ AIDS, malaria and other diseases. We will ensure environmental sustainability. We will create a global partnership for development. These are human rights for God’s people. If we have faith of a mustard seed, God’s grace and justice will endure to all generations!

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