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Not Alone in the Fight for Gender Justice

With the opening of the 58th UN Commission on the Status of Women only a few days away, Ecumenical Women is sharing stories written by US National Council of Churches/Church Women United delegates to last year’s CSW. Today’s piece comes from Jennifer Bailey. Be sure to check our website frequently as we post additional inspiring stories and prepare for EW’s CSW Orientation this Saturday.

Arms linked they came from countries across the globe-woman, mujer, sistah. On airplanes and buses, cars and trains, they traveled with the harsh reality of violence against women nipping at their heels yet they boldly marched forward. Their footsteps guided them to the 57th United Nations Commission on the Status of Women. 6,000 strong their mission was clear: Eliminate all forms of violence against women and girls and demand that it be done now. It is in this midst of this historical moment that the CWC/NCC delegation gathered. Women diverse in background, but not in their passion for God and commitment to ensuring that all people, regardless of gender flourish. Over a few short days, we built a sisterhood with each other and women from around the globe. We realized that we are not alone in the fight for gender justice. Because of the generosity of Church Women United and the National Council of Churches each of the young women who attended the conference can say that we were present at the moment the world changed for the better.

Jennifer Bailey

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