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Let Us Count You In!

The International Violence against Women Act (IVAWA), a landmark legislation on ending violence against women, has been introduced in the United States Congress. The bill, if passed, will impact millions of women and girls worldwide by including solutions to address violence against women and girls in US foreign assistance programmes.

This is your chance to have a say— Sign the IVAWA petition and urge the US Congress to pass this bill; let your friends and networks know that they can help by adding their names here.

The IVAWA would translate into increased US investment in local women’s groups and programmes that promote women’s access to economic opportunity and education, address violence against women and girls in humanitarian situations, improve legal accountability and aim at changing public attitudes towards the issue. Listen to the voices of women on the ground about why IVAWA matters to them.

UNIFEM Goodwill Ambassador and Say NO Spokesperson, Nicole Kidman applauded the efforts that have gone into the drafting of IVAWA and emphasized, “The IVAWA, when passed, will be a beacon, lighting the way forward in other countries. I urge you to say NO to violence against women by supporting the IVAWA. Partners of Say NO have given us new tools and ways that each of you can have a say – sign the IVAWA petition today.”

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