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Her Future: The Future Young Women Want

A new publication, Her Future, The Future Young Women Want: A Global Call to Act was recently released by the World YWCA (an Ecumenical Women member organization) in the lead up to the Special Event on the Millennium Development Goals on 25 September. The purpose of Her Future is to give young women a voice in the future they want for their families, communities and countries. It was developed following extensive consultation with young women across Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, The Caribbean, Middle East, Pacific and North America and encompasses both new research and the outcomes of recent meetings of young women at regional and global levels.

Her Future makes recommendations to the United Nations, governments and civil society in four key areas that will create a future of gender equality and respect for the human rights of all the world’s 860 million young women.  These recommendations are categorized in four specific areas:

1. End Violence Against Women and Girls

2. Fulfillment of Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights

3. Meaningful Participation of Young Women

4. Access to Education, Economic Empowerment and Resources

The report furthermore discusses the value of the world’s 860 million young women and the challenges they face.  To read the report in its entirety, click here.

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