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Ecumenical Women begin Advocacy for CSW53 today

Ecumenical Women began early this morning another year of historic advocacy at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women.  The morning began with a rousing Opening Worship. 

Women from all over the world listened, watched, and responded to an artistic retelling of the story of Ruth and Naomi.  We performed together a ritual of rememberance, saying together:

God of our ancestors, God of us all This morning, and throughout this week, We remember women. We remember those who have woven and now weave the threads of history We remember those who gave and give to the world.

We remember… Those who make music, who do labor, who mother children, who struggle, who laugh, who have wisdom, who make art, who have visions

We remember… Those who have survived horrors, who told the stories, who made a way out of no way, who fought for freedom, who knew the truth and lived it, who died because they dared.

We remember… Those who bear the cup of life; Who pour it out to heal the ground on which we stand Those who bake the bread of life Who bid that we taste and see who good it is.

Remember with Ecumenical Women today, the next two weeks, and for ever the women who struggle for the hope of a better world.

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