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Day 3, 16 Days of Activism 2022

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

A Prayer for the First Sunday in Advent

by Laura Marie Piotrowicz, Anglican Church

God who is coming, and God who is with us; Emmanuel: In this season of hope, the Bible tells us of the power of women to bear light to the world, overcoming the darkness in ways that seemed inconceivable: until they were real. In this season of Advent, let us listen to the message of hope and possibility, and be filled with the power as women, as girls, as gender-oppressed people. Help us to move beyond wishful thinking and lean into the hard work of hope: of trusting, trying, and sharing the holiness of hope.

Open our eyes to see the suffering of women and girls in our own communities. Open our ears to hear the opportunities to dismantle oppressive systems. Open our mouths as advocates and allies for those whose voices are silenced. Open our hands to administer the justice that comes from a dismantled patriarchy. Open our hearts to dwell within a world of hope.

Gracious God, give us the strength to stand together to foster positive change; give us the gentleness needed to comfort the afflicted in our midst; and give us the courage to be the advocates for peace that we pray for. Give us your light to carry into the darkness. Grant us the audacity of hope, that a world without gender-based violence (yet unknown) is possible: for God is coming and God is with us; Emmanuel. Amen.

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