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Day 13, 16 Days of Activism 2022

Written by Rev. Beth Olker, Presbyterian Church USA

Holy God,

In this season of Advent, we live in hope.

We live in hope even as we raise our voices to plead for an end to violence of all kinds.

We live in hope even as we sing songs of lament over the lost lives and

Our hope gathers us together in prayer this day and to the halls of power to advocate.

In this season of Advent, we serve in love.

We serve with love at shelters where women and children flee from violent homes.

We serve with love at schools, teaching all children about their choices, their value, and how to use their voices.

We serve with love at our churches, seeking new interpretations that liberate and heal.

In this season of Advent, we seek glimpses of joy.

We see joy as we watch all children learn in safe, well-funded schools.

We see joy in the faces of women who are getting the physical and mental health care they need to break cycles of abuse for themselves and their children.

We see joy as women come together, like Mary and Elizabeth, making plans and dreaming dreams of a world that could be.

In this season of Advent we wait for peace.

We long for the peace of a world where all people live in safety.

We long for the peace of communities where everyone's voices are heard and lives are honored.

We long for the peace of homes where dreams are held sacred, and bodies are protected and safe.

During this Advent season, we light candles, we sing familiar songs, we say prayers. In all that we do, may we remember that the Messiah we await is the one that ushers in a reign of peace and hope, love and joy. May we be ambassadors of that reign and advocates for each other along the way. Amen

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