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A World Without Empire and Peace Festival

The World Student Christian Federation North America is a proud co-sponsor of the forum A World Without Empire and Peace Festival to be held at Union Theological Seminary in New York City on April 23-24. Please, join us on April 24! Click below to view the poster!

Peace Festival Poster 2010
Download PDF • 1.88MB

World without Empire Conference and Peace Festival is a gathering of individuals from grassroots and church organisations and the academe from the United States and Global South aiming to present analyses of empire domination from the perspectives of the South in resistance and of the disadvantaged of the North (people of colour, migrants, indigenous), foregrounding these on race, gender and spirituality in counter-imperial resistance to the politics of U.S. Empire.

This gathering will highlight the analysis of women and youth as those significantly affected by empire dynamics. While maintaining the focus on women and youth, the conference will also seek to facilitate solidarity and partnerships between people’s movements in the North and those in the Global South.

The programme will be shaped by three moments:

  • A day of North-South dialogue in three parts

  • Part 1 lays down the foreground with presentations of women’s voices

  • Part 2 deals with militarism, the empire’s most direct and most violent policy

  • Part 3 is group conversation on building alliances to counter U.S. imperialistic strategies

  • A three-hour open fishbowl forum that dissects U.S. exceptionalism

  • A youth-led peace festival featuring workshops and staged political resistance – dance, music, theatre, video, painting, poetry

The events will be hosted by the Union Theological Seminary (UTS) at its campus on 3041 Broadway, New York City, NY 10027.

Also involved in co-organising the events with Peace for Life and UTS are the Drew University Theological School Center for Christianities in Global Contexts; the World Student Christian Federation North America Region, and the United Methodist Church General Board of Global Ministries.  Other academic and church-related institutions as well as artists’ groups based in the United States are also supporting the event through various means.

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