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A Study of The Kingdom of God within the "Monterrey Consensus" framework

A Study of The Kingdom of God within the “Monterrey Consensus” framework ….for the sake of all persons male, female, black, white, young, old, rich, poor,

There is a heart within those of us who yet believe in the coming of the Kingdom of God which will not rest. ”

(adapted from Augustine, 300 AD)

This study is born from that unrest. It analyzes the six themes of the Monterrey consensus. It can be used as a discussion guide for groups to analyze the concept of the Kingdom of God or the Monterrey consensus.

An excerpt: One look at the world as we see it today with its vast inequities of privilege, power, ease of life, and economics, and we know something is vastly wrong. When we understand that women bear the disproportional burden of our erroring ways, the problem is thicker. And when we realize that women of color and indigenous women are excessively loaded with troubling powerful inequity, we must cry out. “This is just wrong.”

As the bearers of children, women have always needed the protection of community. Except for perhaps small pockets of the world, we can not escape this fact. And yet, more and more, around the world, with the direction our economy is taking us, women’s only hope of survival is to be used as a cog in a “liberalized, non-regulated economy”. And the problem? The value system of that economy has little consideration for the unique needs and the multiple responsibilities placed upon women. To see so many suffering at such extraordinary levels is unacceptable in God’s Kingdom and should be unacceptable in any ethical system of governance.

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A Study of the Kingdom of God within the
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