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A 16-Day Plan for New Habits (Day 2)

The Rev. Dr. Laura Marie Piotrowicz is a volunteer with the Anglican Communion

What can you do in 16 days?

There are many plans and practices which promise a changed lifestyle in a short period of time. Studies have shown that new habits can become established within a matter of weeks: as little as 16 days.

Imagine if the entire world committed to an intentional change for 16 days, intentionally addressing the evil of gender-based violence?

In just a few minutes per day, we could engage in learning about how Gender-Based Violence influences our lives. We could undertake new practices to reduce the incidence of GBV in out communities. We could advocate with victims and support those people and institutions that are actively working to help people.

Each day, we could take on a new task to broaden our understanding, and our response: from learning local statistics, to stopping victim blame/shame practices; from countering gender stereotypes to learning about non-physical violence. We can educate others, engage all members of society, support safe-space shelters… the list goes on.

What we do does not have to change the entire world, but if it can have a positive and healthy impact on one person’s life, it is worth doing.

There are countless ways we can respond to this epidemic of violence, and countless resources. This year the International Anglican Women’s Network has been sharing links and ideas of the many ways that we – average people from around the world – are making inspiring and contextual changes in our communities. (You can see these being highlighted at )

What could you do in 16 days? What *will* you do? You can change the world, to demonstrate to God and others that we respect the dignity of every human being. Together, let us commit to ‘orange the world’ within these 16 days, so that gender equality becomes a norm throughout the year.

For those who endure violence, may we surround them with support.

For those who perpetuate violence, may God change their hearts.

For those who strive to break the cycle of violence, may they know their work to be valued and important.

For all of us who seek God, may we demonstrate leadership in extending dignity to all.

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