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16 Days of Activism - Day 9

Written by Alison Judd, World President, the World Federation of Methodist and Uniting Church Women

Not long ago I received an email from a young girl in Zimbabwe asking me to speak out against Domestic Violence. This is her message:

‘I believe the girl child is under a threat in society. Some girls are abused by people meant to protect them, for example fathers, uncles and brothers, even sometimes their female relatives, be it sexually or physically. Often they don't have anyone to complain to and are usually asked ‘What were you wearing?’ putting the blame on them.

For married women there is the issue of domestic violence. Maybe it's because the husband is broke; he vents his anger on the wife. In most African counties with the Lobola system women are regarded as a possession, thus the husband can do as he pleases with her. Some women are threatened by the husband with their children and some don't have anywhere to run to when they’re abused. I believe in empowering the girl child, encouraging them to finish school and earn their own money. We also say ‘No’ to child marriages because they are one of the many reasons women are belittled in our society and this also leads to domestic violence.’


God of love,

You hear the cries of women and children who suffer through violence.

Help us to hear them too.

Help us to recognize the signs of abuse, and take appropriate action.

Help us to challenge those who think violence against others is acceptable.

Help us to stand up for those who are vulnerable,

to advocate for basic human rights

to empower women and girls

to say ‘NO’ to anything that belittles another human being.

For the sake of your kingdom, we pray. Amen.

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