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16 Days of Activism - Day 5

Written by Laura Marie Piotrowicz, Rector, St. John's Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

As we wait for the Advent of our God, so too we wait for justice for all.

We wait to breathe in the certainty of Emmanuel - God with us - that will pierce the night of our world with the light of your love.

As we wait, we pray:

That women who are silenced are given voice;

That women who are lowered will be raised high;

That women who are vulnerable will be supported in their needs;

That women who are oppressed will be freed from all restraints;

That women who are abused will walk in fearlessness;

That women who are trafficked and enslaved will live in freedom;

That "underaged women" will be liberated to live and laugh and love as the children they are.

We pray:

That women with access to education will educate

That women with access to health care will work for healing

That work with authority will encourage empowerment

That women with privilege will be advocates for justice

That women with opportunity will lift up God's children while destroying oppressive systems.

We pray for Emmanuel - for God WITH us - to be a reality, as we pray with our voices, our strength, our faith, our sisterhood, and with our actions. We pray as bearers of the light, as advocates of truth, as believers in equality: that all women will know they are beloved and valued children of God, for whom the Prince of Peace came (and comes) to celebrate the kingdom.

Lord Jesus, Come Soon.

ACTION: Learn of initiatives in your community that are directed to ending Violence Against Women. Pray for the workers, help others to know what resources are available to you; give of your time or money if you are able.

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