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God's Love in Pnomh Penh, Cambodia

Posted by Onleilove Alston and authored by Yuan Tang.

God doesn’t need an army of men to change the world. Rather He needs servants with humble hearts who are willing to do His work. As Christians, we need hearts of persistence, faith, and love that endures through the discouragements and hopelessness that can come with human rights work. It is through relationships and communities that change happens.

I met Im Sopheak while I spent my summer abroad in Pnomh Penh doing legal work. He is a Christian who started an organization called the Lazarus Project in 2005 where he goes into a slum every Sunday to teach the children Bible stories. I offered to go with him since I taught Children’s Bible Study at my church. I had no idea of the impact that those two hours would have on me.

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