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Advocacy Tools: Speak out on violence in Libya and Côte d’Ivoire

Written by: Meagan

During advocacy briefings this week, a part of the conversation focused on the situations in Libya and Côte d’Ivoire.   Two Advocacy Tool resources grow out of those conversations.

Click below to download the Libya Advocacy Tool,

Download DOC • 46KB

and click below to download the Côte d’Ivoire Advocacy Tool.

Download DOC • 48KB

They are intended as advocacy resources for  individuals and organizations  to use as appropriate – they include suggestions for their use – but they are only suggestions – feel free to adapt the material and use it in whatever way works for you or your organization.

These are peoples’ advocacy resources in that they are provided for the use of the people – whoever wants to engage in advocacy – however they are helpful – recognizing that no two individuals or organizations may use them in the same way.

They are also peoples’ advocacy resources in that they were created out of a collaborative process. Thanks to all who helped work on these resources – and to all who engaged in the conversations around this project. Those conversations helped shape these tools.

It might be helpful to the group as a whole if any of us who use these resources were to share that information with the group. That way we can learn from each other.  Please let us all know what actions you have taken by writing a comment to this post.

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